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The Clockwatchers


The Clockwatchers

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1) Dirty Shame
2) Drop In The Bucket
3) You Can Run
4) Hey Little girl
5) No Tears For You
6) The Girl With Tears In Her Eyes
7) I'd rather Laugh
8) It's your Life
9) Heaven
10) This Could Be Love
11) Mad Girl
12) Free Soul
13) Another Day

Total Time: 38:11

The ClockWatchers- From Eugene, Oregon come these 60's crazed musicians that have put together one hell of a great 13 track gem on 120 grain vinyl. Farfisa Organ, twangy, fuzzed out/wah-wah/tremelo ed guitar, driving bass, and a great set of drums result in a sound that will make you think you are back in the 60's!! Now Available!!



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