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Coming in September:

Stone Harbour: Emerges

The great and ultra-rare 1974 Psych pressing!!

Coming in November:

Psychedelic States: The Carolina's In the 60's!! A double CD compilation of rare and un-compiled bands. Over 60 tracks!!


Coming in December:

Silver- Children Of The Lord

An very rare limited pressing lp recorded in 1974 and released on the Grammi Fonics label in 1975. Believed to be from the Milwaukee area, not much more is known about this band. Featuring heavy guitar rifts, swirling organ and a garage edge,  This is an undiscovered gem of an album. Released in a plain white sleeve with the labeling advance Reviewer Copy Confidential”, this is one of several albums released by a company in Milwaukee that solicited local promotional copies from bands to be reviewed by the general population for a $10.00 Fee!!

























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