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Coming In January, 2017:

Things: H.M.S. Bounty- From 1968 and out of print on CD since 1995, the ultra-rare Psychedelic masterpiece originally released on the Shamley (Uni) label in 1968. This was the second album released by Merrell Fankhauser, the earlier being Farpardokly which will be released by Gear Fab Records in January, 2017. This album is awash in stoned vocals, walls of sitar, thick fuzz tones and is best described as acid folk-rock. It has been linked to Buffalo Springfield, Spirit, the Byrds, and Cream.  Fankhauser made other more excellent obscure recordings in the late '60s/early 70s with Farpardokly and Mu.With the bonus track, this is the all-inclusive collection of the bandís recordings for Shamley. The original lp tracks are:








Also coming in 2016: Psychedelic Cities: Louisville In The 60's. Click HERE for the song and band listings, Tongue II,  Penny Nichols, Euclid, and more!!




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