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A Cid Symphony


A Cid Symphony

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GF135 - GF135LP

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cd - lp


CD:$19.95, LP:$35.00

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Yes, it has finally arrived!!
See the Street Musicians Postcard Series of the Fischbachs: http://www.institutefo /#Los Californios

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Ernie Fischbach & Charles Ewing's " A Cid Symphony-"
The 1967 classic triple LP recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley that came in yellow, purple, and green vinyl,and was packaged in an open-top polyethelyne bag!! 108 Minutes of folk-psych, rock, jazz, acoustic mellowness, flamenco guitar, and other improvisational styles which reflected the order of its day and their association with The Free Speech Movement, The Diggers, The Monterey Pop Festival, and The San Francisco Human-Be-ins. Off the Master Tapes and with liners by none other than the Producer himself:
Dustin Mark Miller.
Includes Three bonus tracks!!



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