Please visit the websites below for more information on great 1960's Music & Related Stuff:

  • Distribution Inquires: Please email us at
  • Musician's Studio- One of the Northeast's best music lesson's establishments. Located in Red Bank, New Jersey.
  • Carry Munter's Plus Minus 60's Reviews- From my friends in the netherlands, the best and most timely reviews of 60's Psych & Rock in Europe!!
  • Industrial Silence- Europe's best source for original vinyl pressings of 1960's & 1970's rarities!!
  • 60s Garage Bands- Lance Record's Chief Staff Writer Mike Dugo's cool new website about 60's bands, events, and news!!
  • Faine Jade- Faine Jade, the 60's Icon from my old stomping grounds of Long Island. His own website, full of information about his classic '68 LP "Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Track 11-Ballad Of The Bad Guys) is from this release. Also, other information on other Faine Jade releases.
  • Psychedelic Music- From Germany, a great label specializing in Vinyl music from the 1960's!!
  • Cutie Morning Moon- From Japan, lots of 1960's Japanese Music and yes, they dig American Psychedelic also!!!!
  • Paperplate Radio- The best radio show in Europe which plays alot of Gear Fab releases and otherfantastic psychedelic music.
  • Rockin' Records- Rockin' Records, the Record Collectors Website based out of Sweden that offers up just a ton f great vinyl from the 60's. Lots of links to other associated websites.
  • Swappers & Collectors Pages- Everything for collectors! Search engines, 1000's sites & collectors listed, newsgroups, message board, etc.
  • Hypnozing- Yes, my old band-mate from Denver- Jim Zingelman-Now one of the country's leading Hypno Artists (with associated Comedy!). Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jimmy offers his body and soul out for hire!! Check out his website. And while you are at it, check out Jimmy's and mine old band history -The Borrowed Time Band- One of Denver's Premier 60's bands from the 1980's!!
  • Elderberry Jak- No, not the official band site but it is the website of former member Joe Cerisano!!
  •  It's Psychedelic Baby- Yes, the great new and upcoming on-line magazine head up by Klemen Breznikar. Located in Eastern Europe, his interviews and in-depth reviews of yesteyears' music is both insightful and enlightening!!

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