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Please visit the websites below for more information on great 1960's Music & Related Stuff:

  • Delerium Records- Great website in the UK which also features Freakbeat and the new online version of FUZZ&ACID & FLOWERS From Borderline Productions
  • Clearspot Distribution- Gear Fab's great European distributor, located in The Netherlands. Ask for Joe!!
  • City Hall Records- Gear Fab's biggest US Distributor. Located in the San Francisco- Bay area. 
  • Arf! Arf! Records- Erik Lindgren's Classic 60's label which features the most obscure, freaky, and out of this world music this side of the Atlantic!!
  • Dead End Records- Great vinyl mail order house out of Union City, NJ....Lots of rare 60's music plus alot of Gear Fab and Akarma vinyl!! Tell Brian that Roger sent you....
  • Opal Ocean Relics- Our friend Al sells his rare LPs from right down here in Daytonna Beach...lots of real quality stuff from the 60's and 70's!!!!
  • Midnight Records- New Yorks "Finest" archive for all types of music. Lots of imports from all around the world.
  • Lance Records Monthly- The ever so cool 60's reissue zine based out of Chicago. Lots of reviews and interviews with the bands that made this music.
  • 60s Garage Bands- Lance Record's Chief Staff Writer Mike Dugo's cool new website about 60's bands, events, and news!!
  • Twist & Shake Magazine- Bev Paterson's great 60's zine which features terrific interviews of all the 60's legends plus lots of reviews of current releases.
  • The Wayback Machine- Jeff "Kopper" Kopps' late night KDHX 88.1 FM Radio broadcast in St. Louis, Missouri that specializes in High Octane Rock n' Roll from Hell!!!! Hometown To Touch!!!!
  • Faine Jade- Faine Jade, the 60's Icon from my old stomping grounds of Long Island. His own website, full of information about his classic '68 LP "Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Track 11-Ballad Of The Bad Guys) is from this release. Also, other information on other Faine Jade releases.
  • Mystic Fog- Great Psychedelic Reviews by our Northern Neighboors in Calgary!!
  • Psychedelic Music- From Germany, a great label specializing in Vinyl music from the 1960's!!
  • Cutie Morning Moon- From Japan, lots of 1960's Japanese Music and yes, they dig American Psychedelic also!!!!
  • AKCellars- Makers of Great California wine from Santa Barbara and big 60's fans from the high school class of '92!!!!
  • Paperplate Radio- The best radio show in Europe which plays alot of Gear Fab releases and otherfantastic psychedelic music.
  • Odyssey- One of the best Long Island bands from the late 60's which appear on our Crown Jewels Volume I compilation.
  • Rockin' Records- Rockin' Records, the Record Collectors Website based out of Sweden that offers up just a ton f great vinyl from the 60's. Lots of links to other associated websites.
  • Swappers & Collectors Pages- Everything for collectors! Search engines, 1000's sites & collectors listed, newsgroups, message board... Add your Free listings! If you want to use a banner, you can find it at this URL:
    If you are interested in receiving an award from our site, just take a look at the information that you'll find at the URL
  • Ptolemaic Telescope- The best in psychedelia music and reviews in the world!!
  • Crohinga Well- The best Psychedelic Magaine in Europe>> Andre and Louis and Company put out an amazing amount of work and detail in each issue.
  • Hypnozing- Yes, my old band-mate from Denver- Jim Zingelman-Now one of the country's leading Hypno Artists (with associated Comedy!). Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jimmy offers his body and soul out for hire!! Check out his website. And while you are at it, check out Jimmy's and mine old band history -The Borrowed Time Band- One of Denver's Premier 60's bands from the 1980's!!
  • Elderberry Jak- No, not the official band site but it is the website of former member Joe Cerisano!!
  • Radio 98.6 Berlin- Playing all the 60's music you like to hear!! Check out our friend Dirk Stursberg.

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