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Fever Tree



San Francisco Girls

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1) San Francisco Girls 2) The Sun Also Rises 3) Come With Me4) Nowadays, Clancy Canít Even Sing 5) Unlock My Door 6) Ninety-Nine And One-Half 7) Man Who Paints The Pictures 8) Imitation Situation 1 9) Filigree And Shadow 10) Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out 11) Grand Candy, Young Sweet+ 12) Puppet Master+ 13) Donít Come Crying To Me+ 14) You Donít See Me+ 15) Radio Commercial+

+Previously Unreleased

Total Time: 58:12

FEVER TREE: San Francisco Girls- The great Houston, Texas band that had a slew of 45s, EPs, and LPs out between 1967-1970. This collection contains ALL the original 10 tracks from their first LP on Uni plus 5 previously unreleased Fever Tree tracks. All material was recorded between 1965-1968 and all are off the Master Tapes!




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