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Psychedelic States: Texas In The 60's Volume 1

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1) Time Change- The Elastic Prism
2) Stick With Her- The Glass Kans 3) Oh Dear, You Look Like A Dog- Euphoria 4) I Wanna Know- The Pastels 5) Caretaker- Michael 6) Candy- The Countdown Five
7) I Would Have Liked You Anyway- The Electric Prism 8) Secrets Of The Golden Shrine- The Bubble Puppy 9) Marenthelia Glows In The Dark- A440 10) Situations- The Nomads 11) Don't Be That Way- The Reasons Why 12) You Knock Me Down- Airhead 13) Shine Your Monkey- The Persian Market 14) Bye Bye My Little Girl- The Crabs 15) (You're) Almost Tuff Enough- Roy Head 16) How's He Gonna Find Me- Pure Jade Green 17) Keep Your Mouth Shut Once In A While- The Bubble Puppy 18) She Is All There Is-Neil Ford & The Fanatics


Total Time: 47:26

Featuring many previously unreleased tracks from The Bubble Puppy, A440, Reasons Why, Airhead, The Glass Kans, Neil Ford & The Frantics, Elastic Prism, The Nomadds, The Crabs, Electric Prism, Countdown Five, Persian Market, Roy Head, and many more!!


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