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Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60's Volume 2

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1) #38- The Chimes 2) Come On And Love Me- The Vikings 3) Under My Thumb- The Mishaps 4) Set Me Free- The Stolen Children 5) Just Give Me Time- The "In" 6) Think!!- George Wallace, Jr 7) Sun Arise- This Side Up 8) Smokestack Lightning- The Distortions 9) Love Doesn't Happen In A Day- The Outlets 10) Just A Driftin'- The Movement 11) Somebody's Son- The Tikis 12) Come Back To Me-String & The Beans 13) Inspiration- The Preachers 14) Better Stop Your Lying- The Citations 15) Hey Joe- The Outer Mongolian Herd 16) Get Away- The Swingin' Lamp Liters 17) I Need You- The W.C. Dorns 18) I Need You-The Bassmen 19) Keep On Running, Girl- The Hackers 20) Double-Shot- The K-Otics 21) I Spy- The Weejuns 22) Your'e Playing With Fire- The Male 23) I Want To Be Her Man- The Lost Chords 24) I'm Alive- The Stolen Children 25) Somethin' Like A Man- The Versatiles


Total Time: 62:21



Eighth installment of the series featuring more undiscovered and rare bands!!


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