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Psychedelic States: New York In The 60's Vol 2

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1) When I Needed You-Chain Reaction 2) Pull The Wool- U.S Stamps 3) The Subterranean Edible

Fungus- The Weird Street Carnival 4) Up There- The Scoundrels 5) She- The Primates 6) All About Love-The Cavemen 7) Mean Willy- P.B. & The Staunchmen 8) Don’t Call My Name- The Weads 9) Frustration- The Mystic Tide 10) Green Grass Makes It Better- Caeser & His Romans 11) Poor Boy,Happy Boy- The Thrashing Butterflys Of Divine Happiness 12) Wanted- The Innkeepers 13) Close That Door- The Tigermen 14) My Rights- The Acoustics 15) Once Upon A Taste- The Omen 16) The Morning After- The Brotherhood Of Soul 17) I Like You- The Shakespeare’s 18) Mean Town- The Edge Of Darkness 19) Secondary Man- The Rogues 20) I’ll Give You Love- The Hatchet Men 21) Trip With Me- Tides In 22) Careless Love- Humphrey And The Palookas 23) We’ll Build Our Own Kind Of Love-The Great Lakes 24) Fool- The Sting-Rays Of Newburgh 25) On The Edge- Majic Ship 26) There’s A Girl Down The Way- The Overtones 27) Strawberry Pie Lounge- Soundpeace 28) I Won’t Be Home- The Ascendors 29) Crack In My Wall- The Yo Yo’s

Total Time- 74:03

 7th Installment of the series


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