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Wrong Road

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CD: $13.50- LP: $25.00 (Himalaya Release)

Track List:

1) Never Come Back
2) Wrong Road
3) You Don't Want Me Anymore
4) Angelisa
5) Brave New World
6) You Tell Me You Love Me
7) I Think I Bween Had
8) Don't Go Away
9) A Restful Sleep
10) Can't Be Real*
11) Wrong Road**
* Recorded as an outtake during the Wrong Road sessions, 1971
** Recorded during the Anvil sessions, 1970
Total Time-46:00

The Ultra-Rare 1971 LP "Wrong Road" with additional outakes plus selected tracks from their first LP "Anvil" from 1970. A total of 11 Tracks. Garage, Punk, Psychedelic, Baroque, and Blues style music with lots of harsh vocals, keyboards, and great fuzz guitar!!!!



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