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Stone Garden



Stone Garden

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CD:$13.50-LP:$25.00 180 gram vinyl (Guerssen)

Track List:  1) Oceans Inside Me (Ripcord) 2) It's A Beautiful Day 3) The World Is Coming To An End 4) Bastard 5) Da Da Da Da Da 6) Stop My Thinking (45 version) 7) Assembly Line 8) Woodstick 9) SF Policeman Blues 10) Oceans Inside Me (45 version)

Total Time- 39:52

 Stone Garden- The rare 1969 recordings from this acid-rock drenched band from Idaho. Previously released in a limited pressing of 500 by Rockadelic in 1998, the influences of Cream, Hendrix, and The Doors prevail through this album!!


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