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Psychedelic States: New York In The 60's Vol 1

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Track List:1) Don't Want Your Lovin'- The Mark IV 2) Wait- Plastik People 3) Last Stop- Jerry & The Gems 4) Bad Trip- The Darelycks 5) Can't Get You Out Of My Heart- The Rustics 6) A Change Is Gonna Come- The Off-Set 7) Superhog- The Jelly Bean Bandits 8) She Ain't Worth All That- The Shades Of Darkness 9) Why Baby Why - The Mistics10) She Understands- The Keepers 11) Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)- The 3rd Evolution- 12) Lela- The Descendants 13) She's Too Familiar Now- Quadrangle 14) Freedom- The Essentials  City 15) I Can't Get Her Out Of My Heart 16) Please Stay- The Shand Dels 17) Where- The Blue Chips18) Knock On My Door- The Primates 19) Stay Away- The Mystic Tide 20) Flower- The Go-Nuts 21) Give Me Love- The Lemon Sandwich  22) Little Girl- The New Brick Window23) Sick And Tired- The Continentals 24) I'm Your Man- The Denims 25) Dirty Shame- The Age Of Reason  26) I Can Feel It (Servant To The Sky)- Sportin' Life 27) Baby, Bring A Way- Poor Richard's Almanac 28) All My Life- The Taboos


Total Time- 78:30

 6th Installment of the series


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