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Psychedelic Crown Jewels - Volume 3: More Garage Unknowns

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Track List:

1) (I'm) Determined- The Psychotics
2) Down With It- The Cobblestones
3) I Need You-The Shades
4) Laugh In My Face-The Apolloes
5) Stop It Girl- The Wylde Heard
6) #38- The Chimes
7) I Want Your Love- The Barking Spyders
8) Love Her So- The Sole Survivors
9) Flower People- The Cobblestones
10)I'll Walk Alone- Five Bucs
11)Beyond Reality- Purple Passion
12)Endless Tears- The Pebbl;es
13)It Could Be Bad- The King's English
14)I Can't Make It (Without Her)- The Ceptors
15)With My Love-The Shades
16)Take It On Home-The Wylde Heard
17)Come Back To Me-String & The Beans
18)Hey- The Apolloes
19)Why- The Different Parts
20)Let's Tranqualize With Color- The Chocolate Telephone Pole
21)Just A Driftin'-The Movement
22)Silouhetted Summer Dream-Group Therapy
23)I'll Hide My Head In The Sand-The Cobblestones
24)Chained & Bound-The Swingin' Apolloes
25)Quiet- Bed Of Roses
26)Inside Of Me-The Whazoos
27)Lost- The Muffetts

Total Time- 71:52

Yes, as promised, our third installment of this great series chock full of never before released or compiled bands from 1965-1967. Fuzzed out guitars, wailing organs, and lots of teenage angst vocals, coupled with photos and bios of the bands. " A Barrage of Garage" for sure!! 28 Tracks, 75 minutes in all!!



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