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Psychedelic States: Georgia In The 60's

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1) Up In My Mind- The Spontaneous Generation (Atlanta)
2) I Want You To Know- The Malibus (Macon)
3) Go Away- The Younger Brothers (Statesboro/Sylvania)
4) Sets My Soul On Fire- Beethoven 4 (Tifton)
5) I Hope You're Proud- Bo Allen (Vidalia)
6) Yes, It's Too Bad- The Gang Of Saints (Adel)
7) Hurry- Faman (Atlanta)
8) Thinkin' About You- The Checkmates International(Savanna h)
9) Ode To A Girl- Soul, Inc.(Pine Mountain/West Point)
10) Plastic Thunder- Bitter Creek(Atlanta)
11) Ballad Of A Useless Man- The Unknowns(Lawrence ville)
12) Continentals Jam- The Continentals(Pine Mountain/West Point)
13) Times With You- The Celtics(Atlanta)
14) I've Been Told- King David & The Slaves(Athens)
15) A Woman- The Bandits(Marietta)
16) The Way- Tier Park(Decatur)
17) Meggie- The Fugitives(Monticello)
18) Laugh In My Face- The Apolloes(Atlanta)
19) That Creature- The Sweet Acids(Carrolton)
20) If I Could- The Mach V(Savannah)
21) I Can't Look Down- The Knights Of Darkness(Dublin)
22) How Can I Tell Everybody- Dave & The Stalkers(Royston)
23) Found Love- The Fly-Bi-Nites(Atlanta)
24) So Much- Little Phil & The NightShadows(Atlant a)
25) People Say- The Rogues, Inc.(Savannah)
26) Starry Eyed Woman- The Rock Garden(Pine Mountain/West Point)
27) Go On Leave- Red Beard & The Pirates(Atlanta)

Total Time- 73:40

We march on Northward to the great Peach State to find yet more undiscovered bands from 1965 through 1968!!



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