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Above All

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CD:$13.50- LP: $25.00 (Guerssen)

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1) Poison Ivy
2) Only Forever
3) Da Blues
4) Cars
5) Everyday
6) Valleys
7) Time seller
8) Hot Days
9) Do It*
*Previously unreleased cut from 1969
Total Time- 38:18

An Ultra-Rarity of the Highest Order!!!! Rated R6 and described by Collectors worldwide as "one of the rarest and most significant American private press hard rock albums of the era". Recently repressed on a limited edition of vinyl on Void, only had a half-dozen LPs of their 1968 sessions are known to exist!!. Superb distorted guitar sound. Recorded in the same LA studios where Cream and Jimi Hendrix recorded their final tracks!!Band members and musicologists alike believe better management would have made these guys a Supergroup. All the original 8 Tracks plus one unreleased song from a demo acetate. Plus a 12 page booklet with lots of color photos of the band and posters of their gigs in the LA area when they appeared on th same bill with Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Illinois Speed Press, Sweetwater, Hook, Focus, and others. With a forward by Clark Faville
We are sad to report that Bob Ellis, the great drummer for Stack, passed away on 8 January, 1999 in Los Angeles of natural causes. His music, talent, and contribution to the musical scene of the 1960's will never be forgotten!!!!



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