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Featuring The Private Property Of Digil

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SOUP- 1970
1) Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
2) I'm Just Not The Man To Be Tied
3) Dear And Blue
4) Black Cat Blues In Melody
5) Tenessee
6) I'm So Sorry
7) Veronica
8) Big Boss Man
9) Dance Magic Woman+
10) Song For Jackie+
11) Jewelry Lady
12) I'm Looking At You
13) Sunshine Flames
14) Princess
15) To My Friends
16) Loox At Me
17) Destination Nowhere
18) The Patch Of Brick

+ Unreleased demos

Total Time- 70:00

The great Appleton, Wisconsin band headed up by the late great Doug Yankus, and featuring their predecessor band- The Private Property Of Digil. While SOUP had their influences in Buffalo Springfield, Ten Years After, and other Blues/Rock traditions, Private Property just oozes with the sounds of the Byrds, Kinks, Beatles, and Dylan. Includes the original 1970 Arf Arm Artists LP, SOUP's only 45 release, and all four 45 releases by Private Property. See the February 19, 2000 issue of Bill Board Magazine's Declaration Of Independence column for more information from a local Appleton boy who heard these guys in person!!



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