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Psychedelic States: Kentucky In The 60's Volumes 1 & 2

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Two great full length CDs of rare and previously unreleased & un  ocompiled bands from the Blue Grass State!!


Disc One


1) I Realize- The Casuals   2) Bring Your Love To Me- Berkshire 7   3) Everyman- The Emotions   4) Mistakes- MíPAX   5) Wait For You- Sole Society   6) Me And My Girl- Sounds Of The Zounds   7) No You Wonít- THEM U.S.A.     8) Listen To The Music- The New Dawn   9) Two, Three Or Twelve- The Misfits 10) Canít Get Enough- The Mags   11) Laws And Restrictions- The Marquee Monsters    12) I Donít Need Her Now- The Scavengers   13) Please Donít Go- The Moxies   14) Iíll Go Wandering- The Saxons   15) Do Me Right Now- Clock Work Orange   16) Gonna Put You Down- The Clydes   17) Still On The Run- The Exceptions   18) Act You Age- The Nite Owls   19) Winds Escape- The Outcasts   20) Next Time- Sir Arthur & Co.   21) The Alligator- The US Four   22) Her Kind- THEM U.S.A.   23) All That I really Want- The Tempoís   24) Day In And Out- The Waters   25) The Perfect Girl- The New Lime   26) Now Iíve Gotta Stay- The Pepper Crystals   27) About That Time- Unit VI   28) World Of Love- The Young Vibrations   29) Four Inches Above The Knees- The Blue Vistas   30) All Over The World- The Alphabetical Order   31) Remain Unknown Girl- The Fabulous Shantels

Total Time: 76:16

Disc Two

1) Iím Gonna Stay- The Moxies   2) Does  She Or Doesnít  She- The Merseybeats U.S.A.   3) You Better Stop- The Maltese   4) Sunny Covington Avenue- The Sunday Funnies   5) The Look In Her Eyes- Pop-Korn   6) Loving You Sometimes- The Outcasts   7) Sheís All Wrong- The Saxons   8) Iíll Cry- The Ovations   9) I Feel Like Crying- The Sound Extraction   10) Itís Best- One Of Hours   11) Goiní Away- Male Species   12) Say Now Baby- The Jades   13) Bright Lights- The Fanatics   14) Doncha Wish You Could- Jack Holiday   15) The Harm I Do- The Hearby   16) Children Of The Midnight Sun- New Musical Express   17) I Long To See Her- The Children   18) Iím The One- The Chateaus   19) Now Whoís Good Enough- Elite U.F.O.   20) King Of The Soap Box- The Bad Seeds   21) You Donít Want Me- The Dingos   22) Come On- The Exiles   23) Sheís Still On My Mind- Sir Arthur & Co.   24) Wrong Side Of Love- New Musical Express   25) Your Golden Touch- Clock Work Orange   26) Silver And Gold- The Indigos   27) I Canít Walk Away- Pop-Korn  28) Itís Me Not you- The Torques   29) Bad Girl- The Vibrators   30) Children Of The 3rd November- the Rogues   31) Why- The Wanted & Co.

Total Time: 77:17


















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