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American Blues Exchange



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1) On Solitude
2) Cold Iron Blues
3) Recorder Thing
4) The Taker
5) Burlington Letter
6) Ode To The Lost Legs Of John Bean
7) Big Max Revenge
8) The True Son Confesses
9) Age Child
10) Steppin' Out*
11) One Sunny Day*
12) Dust My Broom*
*Previously Unreleased tracks
Total Time- 56:46

The Connecticut band that released the great LP "Blueprints" in 1969; all 9 original tracks plus previously unreleased material from the 69-70 timeframe. Don't bother with the bootleg currently being peddled; it is of poor quality and just won't tell you the whole story of this great Northeast band!! Lots of never before seen photos and posters also!!



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