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Psychedelic States: The Dakotas In The 60s

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1)Baby  I’m Forgettin’  You- The Embermen Five   2) Artificial Rose- Lost Souls   3) Soldier Of Fortune- The Mystifying Monarchs   4) Someday- Pawnbrokers   5) Watch Me- The Tracers   6) Chains On My Heart- The Trenchmen   7) You Make Me Feel Alright- The Train   8) Wild One- The Rejects   9) Watch Yourself- The Trippers   10) A Summers Dream-The Keepers   11) Passageway (To Your Heart)- Dynamic Dischords   12) Wine, Wine, Wine-  The Bleach Boys   13) You Rule Me-  The Cornerstones   14) Reference Man- The Chateaux   15) Shoppin’ Around- The Bird Dogs   16) Did Ya Need To Know?- Dale Gregory & The Shouters   17) Temptation- The Inner Light   18) Realize- The Pawnbrokers   19)Sunshine- The Ride   20) I Love Life- Dischords   21) Untill I Leave- The X-Men   22) Our Love- The Mighty Magnificent 7   23) Travel With Me- The Trenchmen   24)Valley Of The Broken Hearts- The Treasures   25) She Said Yeah= The Tracers 26) Ride On- The Torres   27) Without You- Those Of Us   28) It’s Not Fair- The Lost Souls   29) You Tell Me Why- The Dynamic Hursmen   30) I’m In Misery- The Mystifying Monarchs   31) Two Faced Girls- Gemini 6  32) Fire In My Heart-The Embermen Five.

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