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The Bleu Forest


Ichiban: Live At Jimmies

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CD: $13.95


The very first recordings by the BLEU FOREST happened after they played a show at the "Hey You Coffeehouse" in Ventura, CA.  Jimmie Haskell decided to have them come to Hollywood and record on the spot in his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and this is what you get in Ichiban: Two mics, the band, a recording machine, no retakes, spontaneity and raw energy, a time-capsule direct from Jimmie's place in August, 1967. The reissue tracks are:


1. Bitter Street 2. Story Of A Sort 3. When I'm Alone 4. One I Love 5 I Need Sunshine 6. You Said You’re  Leaving  7. Looking In (Introspection Song) 8. For You 9. A Woodland Spring 10. At Times 11. Colored Rings


Total Time- 41:37




















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