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Backbone Of The Nation

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CD: $13.95


FROM 1973, THIS Ultra-Rare (R6-Only 30 pressed) Garage/Psych record from a small rural Pennsylvania band first saw the light of day last year on vinyl from Time-Lag. Now the band members have licensed us the exclusive rights for compact disc release on Gear Fab inclusive e of 2 previously unreleased tracks!! Featuring fuzzed out guitar, luxurious 12 string guitar and driving drumming!!

$4Page Digipak with lots of band photos!! The reissue tracks are:


1)  Back Bone Of The Nation   2) If Only I Would Have Told Her   3) I Donít Love Her Anymore   4) Too Much Of Nothing  5)  Airplane Rider   6) Untitled Love  7) The Stones You Throw   8) Hooky Player   9) Sweet And Free   10) How Many More Years? + 11) Like A Vine + 12)  Deception+

+Previously Unreleased

Total Time- 41:37




















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