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Blues Rock Festival/BeatClub Internaional

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These two - complementary - exploitation albums, originally issued  in Germany in 1970, compile tracks from late '60s budget lp's which were credited to (fictional) acts s.a. Brother T. & Family, Automatic Blues Inc. and Ten O'Clock Bubble Gum Train. Despite the variety of band names, all the songs on these albums were recorded by the same group of musicians, featuring (ex-)members of Hamburg-based bands The Tonics and German Bonds. If you fancy a catchy blend of old fashioned hard rock, blues rock, psych and prog, you're likely to enjoy this two-for-one cd-reissue immensely. Teutonic exploito rock at its very best!

Blues Rock Festival

1) Blue Tail Fly  2) The Girl I Left Behind  3) Trapeze  4) Old Dan Tucker  5) The Valley So Low  6) Devil  7) Barbara Allen 8) Stewball  9) From College  10) Sugar In Your Tea  11) Sleep Tight  12) Race

Beat Club International

1) Aunt Rhody  2) Wayfaring Stranger  3) Betsy  4) Careless Love  5) King In Heaven  6) Railroad  7) Blow The Man Down 8) Drill Your Dog  9) Matty Groves  10) Brother  11) Lost Women  12) Mr. Whyler

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