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Psychedelic States: Missouri In The 60s Volumesd1& 2

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A Double CD featuring over 45 bands from the great show me state!!

DISC ONE: 1) Tell My Baby- The Nightcaps  2) Everything Goneís Wrong- Larry Knight & The Upsetters  3) You Could Help Me  Ease The Pain- The Unknownís   4) Iíll Go On- The Intruders  5) To Give Your Loviní- The Happy Return  6) Itís Your Fault- Roy & The Bristols  7) What Youíve Shown- Symbols  8) To Forgive Is Devine- Jekyl & The Hydes  9) Sheís My Woman- The Esquires  10) Donít Leave Me This Way- The Blue Velvets  11) Talkiní Bout You Now- The Catalinas  12) Iím Always Doing Something Wrong- The Fab(ulous) Four  13) Circles - Chessman Square  14) Paisley Haze- The Vectors   15) Mister (Youíre A Better Man Than I)- The Herde  16) Biographical Except File 6319Q- The Guise  17) Last Laugh- The Cholos  18) Too Many Reasons- The Coachmen  19) Wonít You Take Me- St. Petersburg Paradox  20) Goodbye Boy- Electric Sensation  21) Tall Towers- The Clann  22) I Donít Need You- The Blazers  23) Kapo- The Lyndells  24) Where Are You- The Kyks  25) Merry Go Round- Hoss & The Lords  26) Itís No Use- Oliverís Warlocks  27) Go Naked In The Rain- The Body   Total Time:  71:18

DISC TWO:  1) Facts Of Life- The-Xtreems   2) You Want Me Too- The Unknowns  3) You Lied To Me- The Vandals  4) Iím Going To Fight- The Last Resort 5) Again And Again- The Statics  6)  How Can I- The Ovaitt Brothers   7) Love Wonít Hurt You- Cole And The Embers  8) Unicorn Man- The Aardvarks  9) Itís All Right- Those Few  10) Red Sunrise- Kempion  11) Settle Down- The Esquires 12) Mad Sad Man- B. J. And The Hobson Brothers  13) Oh Why- The Rogues  14) Wonderiní- The Squires  15) The Modern Era- The Unknowns 16) Sheís No Fool Ė The Four Of Us  17) All We Really Need Is Love- The Belaeraphon Expedition  18) I Can- The Truth 19) If I Didnít Want To See You Anymore- Morning Starr  20) Life Of My Own- The Loved Ones  21) News- The Guise  22) Early In The Morning- The Last Exit  23) Never Meant To Be- The Inquirers  24) Total Raunch - The Intruders  25) Watermelon Man- The Others  26) Longed For- The Happy Return . 27) The Darkness- Summit   Total Time 68:24



















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