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Our 4th release from the great sunshine state!! 8 Page booklet In digi-pak format.


Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60's Volume 4

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1) My Heart Is In Pain- Dave & The Wanderers  2) Yesterday, I- The Absolutes  3) Message In A Bottle- A Quest  4) Love Donít Pay- New Generations  5) I Remember- Sweet Young Things  6) Hands Are Only To See- The Bitter Ind  7) The Way I Feel- The Wrong Numbers  8) Shadows In The Dark- Scotlind Yarde 9) Love Your Fellow Man- Sir Michael & The Sounds  10) Iíll Laugh At You- The Jesters  11) Is This The Dream- Certain Amount  12) Revenge- Castaways Five  13) Weíre The Vandals- The Vandals    14) Painter Man- The Non-Pareils  15) Come Back- The Limeyís  16) So Lonely- The Fugue  17) Now Sheís Gone- The Raven  18)TheWorld- The Stix And Stonz  19) Iíd Really Like To Watch You Fly- Ecumenical Drugstore 20) Hard To Believe- Rhythmís Children  21)Reflections- Hill    22) Why- Scotlind Yarde  23) Now Youíre Gone- Bryllig & The Nymbol Swabes  24) Iíve Got That Feeling- The (Fab) Phatons  25) Love, Iíll Never Know- The Crypt  26) Try It- Mustard Jar


Total Time:  68:43













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