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Powers Of Blue/ Brother T. And Family


Flipout/Drillin' Of The Rock

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Two new Exploiot lps from 1967 & 1970: Flipout5: Powers Of Blue and Drillin' On The Rock: Brother T. & Family. Flipout features great fuzzed-out instrumentals covers of the hits of 1965-1967. Drillin' On The Rock, released on the German FASS label (Bokaj Retsiem)is a free for all wild fuzzed-out marathon of bizzare tunes!!


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CD: $13.50


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The Powers Of Blue: Flipout

1) Paperback Writer
2) Let’s Go Get Stoned
3) The Midnight Hour
4) You Blow My Mind
5) Cool Jerk
6) Bang Bang
7) The “In” Crowd
8) Got My Mojo Working
9) The Tracks Of My Tears
10) Satisfaction
11) Good Lovin

Brother T. And Family

12) Drillin’ Of The Rock
13) Lookin’ For Barbara
14) Third Degree
15) Stranger
16) Stewball
17) Jim Crack Corn
18) Walking Down Paradise Street
19) Saga Of The Fly
20) Oh Love,
21) Brother T.

Total Time:  59:03













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