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Nirana Sitar & String Group/ Easy Rider


Sitar & Strings/Born On The Road

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CD: $13.50


Track List:

Sitar & Strings: 1) Whiter Shade Of Pale  2) House Of The Rising Sun  3) Crashing  4) Sunday Will Never Be The Same  5) Mind Waves  6) Never My Love  7) Catch The Wind  8) The Letter  9) You Keep Me Hangin’ On 10) Head


Born On The Road:  1) Born To Be Wild- Electric Food  2) I’ll Try- Electric Food  3) Lay Down- The Black Kids 4) Hey Little Girl- Ten O’clock Bubble Gum Train  5) Your Whole LifeThrough- John Deen & The Trakk 6) Lana- The Automatic Blues, Inc.  7) Up Around The Bend- Electric Food  8) Tavern- Electric Food  9) The House Of The Rising Sun- Electric Food  10) Mockingbird- Ten O’clock Bubble Gum Train    11) My Little Heart- The Petards12) Get It- The Automatic Blues, Inc.


Total Time:  67:31













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