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Psychedelic States: Maryland In The 60's

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Double cd $19.95



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DISC ONE: 1) Get Off My Back- The Henchmen  2) Itís True-The Looms  3) Please Donít Go-The Second Hand Bitter Sweet 4) Tangerine Guides- The New Diablos  5) The Fugitive- The Dagenites 6) Hey Little Girl The-Marauders 7) All I Want Is My Baby Back- Piece Kor  8) Iíve Been Fooling Around- The Smacks  9) Been A Long Time-The Koffee Beans  10) Psychedelic Ride- The Ides 11) Letters Of Love- The Creatures 12) I Wish I Could- The Juveniles 13) Shadows- Attic Sounds 14) Little Latin Lupe Lu- The Invaders 15) I Want You All The Time-The Limits 16) Sweet Life-The Urch Perch 17) Cumberland Railroad- Tomorrowís People 18) I Donít Want To Try Again- The Dagenites 19) Saviní All My Love For You- Bob Brady & The Con Chords  20) You Wonít Find Me- The Executioners  21) In The World Of Our Own- Cherry Pink Reason  22) Flower Children- Sodom & Gomorrah  23) Gone And Left Me- Mikeís Messengers  24) She Still Loves You- The Henchmen  25) Watch Out- Paper Cup  26) Come With Me- The Trespassers  27) Dance, USA!- The Shoremen

Total Time:  71:25


DISC TWO: 1) Love- The Bad Boys  2) Everything Would Be Fine- The Fallen Angels  3) I Do- Jay Dee & The Chasers 4) Tiny Little Seeds- The Persuaders  5) All My Life- The Koffee Beans  6) I Was Wrong- Human Freedom And Security  7) J-J (Come Back To Me) The Souls Of Britton 8) Iím Fake- The New Diablos  9) Fools Live Alone- The Lost Tribe  10) Haight Street Dream- Brandi Laine.11) I Canít Wait Till Friday Comes- The Hard Times 12) I Donít Know- The Penmar Stompers 13) Throw Stones- The Stratfords 14) Something For You- The Marauders 15) They Threw Sticks And Stones- The Nunsuch 16) Words Of The Raven- Piece Kor 17) What A Drag It Is- The Patriots 18) Iím Gone Slide- The Dagenites 19) I Canít Believe- The Omegas 20) Dawn- Summerís Misfits  21) Land Of Love- The New Diablos  22) Little Heart- The Newports. 23) Carousel Of Dreams - Cherry Pink Reason  24) Sheís Bad- The Shoremen  25) Turtle Neck Sweaters- The Verdicts  26) I Need Love- The Mad Hatters  27) Things I See- The Urch Perch  

Total Time:  75:47












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