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The Projection Company/Fantastic Party


Gimme Some Lovin'/Scot Carpborg & The Cornoas

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The Projection Company:

1) Gimme Some Loviní 2) Boil The Kettle3) What Else  4) Uh Uh Uh 

5) I Canít Stand It Baby  6) Wild Times7) Donít Think Twice  8) Kimea 

9) Our Man Hendrix  10) Tune Out Of Place

The Electric Coronas

1) All Men Shall Be Brothers Of Ludwig   2) The Every Days Way Down To The Suburbs

3) Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows   4) Swing Low, If You Like To Do   5) Stainy Heavy

 Needles    6) P.A.R.T.Y.7) Let The Thing Comin' Up    8)  Shummy Poor Clessford Idea In

Troody Taprest Noodles




Total Time:  68:13








Two more great Exploito release: The Projection Company: Give Me Some More Lovin'- The classic 1967 fuzzed-out Blue Cheer-Hendrix classic & Fantastic Party: Staff Carpenborg & The Electric Corona- The Psyched-out 1971 German classic!!



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