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Thomas Edisun's Electric Light Bulb Band


The Red Day Album

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1) (Intro) I'm Here  2)  Red Day   3) Have You Been

To The Light   4)  Common Attitude+    5) Hope

6) No One's Been Here For Weeks+    7) Walk Out

With Your Heart   8) Champion   9) I'm Here Right Here

10) I'll Join The Army    11) Merlin    12) Breathe (Let The

Fresh Air In)    13) Alexander Graham Bell

14)  Concord World    15) Marigold    16)  Send Me Your

Picture    17) (Outro) Dream Me Up Snotty

Total Time:  46:31








Thomas Edisun's Electric Light Bulb Band: Yes, from 1967, a never before released Flower-Pop-Psych album from the brainchild behind the infamous Zuider Zee lp. 13  Tracks in all! Also available in beautiful 180 gram vinyl from Guerssen!!




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