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The Underground Electrics/The Geneartion Gap


Hey Jude/ Up Up & Away

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The Underground Electrics:  1) Up, Up, & Away   2) Iím A Man   3) Make Up-Powder And Paint  4) Lisa 5) High On Love   6) Woman Of Mine   7) Hard Times   8) Strange Shadows   9) Foolís Luck   10) On The Run

 The Generation Gap: 1) Hey Jude   2) Standing At The Crossroads   3) Boogie Chillen   4) The Syndicator 5) No Love In My Heart   6) Goodbye Baby   7) Queen Bee   8) Sunnyland   9) Dark & Dreary   10) Dust My Blues

Total Time: 63:18








From the great period of the late 1960ís, two great Psych/Exploito LPs on one CD. The Electric Underground & The Generation Gap attempted to cash in on the Summer Of Love sound, outrageous color designs, and real groovy song titles!!






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