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The Ones


Volume One

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CD:$13.50; LP: $20.00 180 gram vinyl

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1) Hang On Sloopy   2) I Should Have Known Better   3) Maybe It's Both Of Us   4) Don't Make Me Over  5) My Prayer  6) I Can't Explain  7) Diddy-Wa-Diddy  8) (Mr.) You're A Better Man Than I  9) Unchained Melody  10) Be My Baby   11) Our Day Will Come  12) Goodnight My Love

Total Time: 36:25








The Ones: Volume 1- Yes, this great Connecticut band rocked the Boston area in the mid to late 60's playing many of their finest and most popular venues. Under the direction of Clay Pitts, they produced this landmark and Ultra-Rare album that even made the original artists stand up and take notice to their fine renditions of the days popular hits!!





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