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Hell Preachers/Ugly Custard


Psychedelic Underground/Psicosis

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Hell Preachers:  1) Time race 1   2) Shalom   3) Let me shoot you   4) Nirwana   5) Courante   6) Preacher man 7) We like the white man   8) Turn turn   9) Spy in space   10) Time race

 Ugly Custard: 1) Scarboro Fair   2) My Babe   3) Hung Upside Down   4) Custardís Last Stand   5) Babe, Iím Gonna Leave You   6) Cry From The Heart   7) Never On A Blues Day   8) Feel This


                Total Time: 71:25







Two rare 1969 & 1971 semi-instrumental Psych Lps!! Form across the pond, these UK fuzzed-out Psych classics feature some great cover tunes of the day as well as inspirational original tracks.


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