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Love Machine/Flower Power Sitar


Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By/Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny

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CD:$13.50: LP-$20.00 (Love Machine Only on 180 gram vinyl)

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1) Mindblower  2) Zenquake  3) Clockburst  4) Bells From Eternal Zoom  5) Inner Ear Freakout  6) The Shadows Of Vibrate  7) Prism On Prism  8) Lunar Sea  9) Asbury Tripper  10) Coming Down  11) Flower Power  12) Flower Bed

13) I String Beads  14) Do It With Flowers  15) Lullaby For Flower Children  16) Up, Up & Away  17) Beautiful,

Beautiful Flower  18) Flowers, Flowers Everywhere  19) Ragadelic  20) Child Of Love



Total Time: 46:53








Wacked out 1967 Exploito sounds featuring some of the weirdest instruments you will ever hear!! Two lps on on CD!!




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