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Psychedelic States: New York In The 60's Volume 3

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Track List:    1) Wahtever Happened To Us?- The Upward Movement  2) Hide Your Face In Shame- Sound Solution  3) So Good- The O'Aces  4) Tripsy- Pebble Episode  5) You Lied To Me- The Aggregation  6) I'll Give You More- Erik & The Smoke Ponies  7) White & Frosty- The Whether Bureau  8) Love Me Girl- The Tigermen  9) Don't Make Me Cry- Cucumber  10) Please Don't- The Luv Wons  11) We Got Time- The Tweed  12) Mean Woman- Fugitives  13) Home Type Girl- The Overtones  14) Second Best- Household Sponge  15) Ever Lovin' Man- The Chain Reaction  16) And You Hurry- Glass  17) Velvet Acid- Tony Dee  18) Don't Cry To Me Babe- III And A 1/2  19) Doctor Friend- The Druids  20) Walkin'- Jazzmasters  21) I Don't Need You Today- Morning After  22) Last Time- Sonic-Lyne  23) Summertime- The Luv Wons  24) Freedom- The Peepl  25) The Real Thing- The Front End  26) I'm Gonna Get You- Moustache Wax  27) Destruction- Thrashing Butterflys Of Devine Happiness


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Our Third Installment of the New York Series and Nineteenth of the series to date. featuring many never before compiled tracks from 1965-1970!!


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