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The Keyes


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1)Sheís The One  2) Barbara  3) Farmerís Daughter  4)Heart Of A Child  5) Iím The Pretender 6) Froggy Gremlin  7) Societyís Child  8) I Canít Win For Losiní  9) Weíll Hold Hands Together 10) I Donít Care  11) I Cherish You  12) Weíll All Fade On  13) Hitchcock Railway  14) Dana 15) I Have A Dream  16) Are You Lonely For Me Baby  17) Rock Me Baby  18) Somebody Help Me 19) Wonderful Love  20) Fascinatiní Lady  21) Love Me Tonight  22) The Stranger  23) Did You Ever Love 24) I Thought I Knew You  25) I Just Want To See Linda Again

Total Time: 77:22








The Keyes: Another great Louisville band. Our 7th Louisville Music Series release!! 25 tracks in all, many never before released!



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