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The Monocles


The Spider, The Fly & The Boogie Man

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KLZ Jingle  2) Let Your Loviní Grow  3) You Donít Know  4) A Little Bit Less  5) On The Other Side Of Happiness  6) Looking Glass  7) Boogie Man  8) Psychedelic (Thatís Where Itís At)  9) The Spider & TheFly  10) The Diamond Mine  11) Crazy Bicycle  12) Here Comes Sunshine  13) Thoughts Of Lila  14) Country Club Affair  15) Summer Skies  16) Odyssey  17) Highway 101  18) Crazy Bicycle (Alt)19) Wizard Of Love  20) Good Time Music  21) Country Club Affair (Alt)  22) What Is It  23) Sound Of The Surf (Inst) 

24) Heartbreak Hill  25) Where Is My Life  26) Treat Me Nice  27) Boogie Man(Inst)  28) Looking Glass (Inst)  29) A Little Bit Less (Inst)  30) Psychedelic (Thatís Where Itís At) (Inst)  31) Boogie Man (Alt)  


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 Here is the complete story of The Monocles and their later incarnation, The Higher Elevation. 31 Tracks, many of them never before released, from the Greeley, Colorado band that used to drive around in a Hearse!! Hard rocking and psychedelic music from 1966-1970!!




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