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The Rugbys


The Rugbys

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1)Walkin’ The Streets    2) This Way   3) Endlessly   4) You’re Not There    5) I Got To Find A Way 6) Anyone But You   7) Winter Winds   8) Bet I Do   9) Baby, Let’s Wait   10) Leaves Of Grass 11) I Belong To Nobody   12) Let The Music Take You Down   13) On My Way   14) Sundown Red   15) Lies   16) Lovestruck   17) Burnin’ With The Love   18) You, I

Total Time: 55:18








 The Fifth installment of our Louisville Music Series featuring the great vocals and song writing talent of Steve McNicol. The Rugby’s had a local hit with “You, I” but the rest of this material has never before been released. Their sound is harder-edged than The Oxfords and more in tune with Soul, Inc.  From 1966-72 and taken off the original master tapes.



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