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Psycgedlic States: Colorado In The 60's

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Disc 1

  1. Psychedelic, Thatís Where Itís At- The Monocles
  2. I Donít Know- Soothsayers
  3. Sheís Got The Time- Poor
  4. Stomach- Magic
  5. My Mind Goes High- Poor
  6. Unchain My Heart- The Chasers
  7. Leaves- White Lightning
  8. Candy Coated Lady- The Boenzee Cryque
  9. Sweet Sweet Sadie- Teardrops
  10. Here I Stood Before You- The Obvious
  11. Louie, Come Home- The Ceeds
  12. Itís My World- The Fogcutters
  13. Thatís The Way My Love Is- The Trolls
  14. God Is Alive In Argentina- The Doppler Effect
  15. Donít Cry Girl- The Teeny Titans
  16. Believe Me- The Chasers
  17. Rapunzel- Our Gang
  18. Please Donít Be Mad- Soothsayers
  19. We Are The Ones- The Chandells
  20. I Donít Recall- The Trolls
  21. Moment In Time- Eigth Penny Matter
  22. Barney Oldfield- Misirlous
  23. Have It All Your Way- The Soul
  24. Black Nor Blue- Soothsayers

Disc 2

  1. Music To Smoke Bananas By- The Elopers
  2. I Donít Believe You- The Obvious
  3. Iím Leaving You- The Jades
  4. I Wonít Cry- The Flame Outs
  5. Acid Indigestion-Super Band
  6. Ode To Miss Representation (Vanís Song)- The Moonrakers
  7. TV Weatherman- Lothar & The Hand People
  8. Iíve Never Known A Girl- The Boenzee Cryque
  9. The Longer You Hang Around- Penetration
  10. Grass Roots- The Golden Gate Doorknob
  11. Rain- Eighth Penny Matter
  12. Do You Need Me- Soothsayers
  13. Motherless Children- The Ceeds
  14. Blue Man- White Lightning
  15. Face The Really- Collection
  16. Odyssey- The Higher Elevation
  17. Whatís Happening At The Psychiatrist Club?- Big Bird & The Steam Shovel
  18. Fun Girl- The Flame Outs
  19. Light Show- The Fantastic Zoo
  20. Too Many People- The Ceeds
  21. People Need A Beat-The Fabulous Raindrops
  22. Thatís Where Iíll Be"- The Fogcutters
  23. Who Killed The Goose That Layed The Golden Egg?- Misirlous
  24. You Wonít Do That- The Ceeds

Total Time:

Disc One- 59:24

Disc Two- 67:50






 This Two Disc CD contains 48 rare and previously unreleased tracks from the Centential State!!




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