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The Palace Guards


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1) Barbara 2) Better Things To Do 3) Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown 4) Looking Everywhere 5) Mr. Greene 6) Never Be Lonely 7) No Coming Back 8) Sideshow 9) Sorry10) Xmas Would Be Nothing 11) And Then You* 12) Barbara+13) Donít Know Why I Feel Good* 14) For You* 15) Iím Gonna Meet Her*16) Looking Everywhere+ 17) My Window* 18) Never Be Lonely+19) Slow Walk In The Sunshine* 20) Take A Good Look* 21) The Magician*22) Waltz For Alissa* 23) Wrong Side Of The Street*

            * Previously Unreleased

            + Alternate Version

Total Time-71:33






What everyone remembers about this Metarie, Louisiana garage band are their 5 great 45ís released on the White Cliffs, rAe, and U-Doe labels (the first 10 songs listed). What everyone didnít know was they also recorded 3 alternate versions of these 45s as well as 10 previously unreleased tracks from June, 1966 through April, 1969.

These alternate versions and never before heard tracks reek of fuzzed out garage sounds!!




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