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Psychedelic States: Arkansas In The 60's

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  1. Baby You Donít Care- The Light Brigade
  2. You Do Something To Me- The Romans
  3. Plight Of The Yearner- The Fone Book
  4. Iím On My Way Down The Road- The Wig/Wags
  5. Tell Me- The Chaps
  6. Forever Friday- The Rubber Band
  7. The Expectation- The Dutch Masters
  8. Sadieís Way- The Esquires
  9. Iíll Find A Way- The Romans
  10. Steppiní On Up- The Egyptians
  11. Midnight To Six Man- The Culls
  12. But Youíre Gone- The Spires Of Oxford
  13. Love Can Be So Fine- The Magic Sounds
  14. Hit The Road Jack- The Bar Boys
  15. It Ainít Alright With Me- The Reknown
  16. Below Up, Above Down- The Rubber Band
  17. Take It All- The Mercenaries
  18. Cash For Your Trash- Paul Allen.
  19. I Got My Eyes On You- Rick Durham & The Dynamics
  20. Leave- The Reknown
  21. In Vain- The Vipers
  22. Remember To Forget Her- The Chaps
  23. Suzanne- The Egyptians
  24. It Breaks My Heart- The Shadows
  25. He Donít Love You- The Romans
  26. Lonnieís Song- The Light Brigade
  27. Things Found Here- The Mercenaries
  28. Apple Cider- Five By Five

Total Time- 69:19








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