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Psychedelic States: Indiana In The 60's

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  1. Gonna Send You Back To Your Mother- The Endd.
  2. Iím Not Your Brother- The Mourning Missed
  3. I Just Want You- Sanz, Incorporated
  4. Show Your Love- The Tikis
  5. 5)It Just Donít Rhyme- The Chosen Few
  6. Tale Of A City- The Wild
  7. Run Babe- The Esquires.

8. Just Once In My Life- The Chevelles

9 Youíre So Square- The Pickwick Papers

10. Baby Come Back- Sir Charles & The Days Of Olde

11) Bye Bye Baby- Nooney Rickett & The Nooney Rickett Four

  1. Second Choice- The XLís
  2. You Didnít Try To Call Me- The Basooties
  3. My Imagination-Chris Allen & The Good-Timers
  4. A Necessary Evil- Dawn 5
  5. Cry- The Serfmen
  6. I Canít Stop It Now- The Surf Suns
  7. Iím Not That Way At All- The Rogues
  8. Burn Up- The Mourning Missed of this band.
  9. Iím Gonna Leave You- Sanz, Incorporated
  10. Get Off My Back- Blues, Inc.
  11. You Made A Fool Of Me- Lord & The Flies
  12. Come Back- The Jades
  13. Fooliní Around With Me- The Chosen Few
  14. Donít It Make You Feel Like Cryiní?- The Endd
  15. Think Of Liviní- The Poor Boys
  16. All About Life- The Country Blues
  17. Come To Me- The Black & Blues


Total Time- 74:54





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