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Psychedelic States: Ohio Volume 3



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Track List:  1) Satisfied- The Dantes 2) I’ve Told You- The Chandells 3) Long Way To Go- Salt 4) 7 & 7 Is- The Blues, Inc.5) Tomorrow’s Song- The Endless 6) I Can Tell- The Mersey Men 7) Behind Locked Doors- The Missing Lynx 8) In Awhile- Pictorial Skiffuls 9) Stay In My Life- The Pied Pipers 10) All My Love- The Soul Survivors 11) She Cools My Mind- The Streys 12) It’s A Bit Of Alright- Tony & The Bandits 13) See What’s Right- Wyngates14) Goin’ Too Far- The Fifth Order 15) Good Thing Going- The Four 16) Yesterday’s Dawn- The Shillings 17)Scratch My Egg- The Fabulous Fish 18) Why,Why,Why- The Cliches 19) A Girl Like You- The Bittervetch 20) Connection- The Dantes 21) I Want More Lovin’- The Chylds 22) All You Had To Was Ask- The Baskerville Hounds 23) Now You’re Gone- The Counts 24) I Never Had ItSo Good- Kenny & The Kasuals 25) What Could I Do- The Group 26) Don’t Tell Me- The Last Times

Total Time- 72:44



27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio!! 



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