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Masters & Demos Chapter 1

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1) I Wanna Love You 2) Since Youíre Gone 3) I Donít Care 4) Iíve Told You ` 5) I Will Follow You 6) I Donít Know (Alt) 7) Laughing At You 8) Why? 9) Who Are You 10) Keep Surfiní 11) Without You 12) Let You Be 13) Iím In Love With You 14) A Girl Like You 15) A Girl Like You (Alt) 16) Bigger Fool 17) I Donít Care* 18) When You Wake Up* 19) When You Wake Up 20) I Really Like You

* As by Me & The Other Guy

Total Time- 45:13



Wow, we hit pay dirt on this one!! The band contacted us after seeing their great garage classic "Bigger Fool" on Psychedelic States Ohio, Volume 2. Low and behold, here are 18 lost and previously unreleased tracks from the band and their earlier incarnation The Chandells plus their Pixie 45 from 1966.. Garage, ballad, and fuzz rock at its best!



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