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Psychedelic States


Ohio in the 60's Volume 2

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Track List:  1) To Think- The Bare Facts 2) Since You've Come Back To Me- The Unknown Kind
3) You Are Your Only Mystery- The Baroque Monthly 4) Bigger Fool- The Bittervetch 5) She's Gonna Cry- The Onion Rings 6) It's Over Now- Tom & The Tempests,
7) Heat- The Fabulous Fish 8) It Could Be Bad- The King's English 9) Take Away- The Checkmates 10) The Third Side Of Life- The Blues Invention 11) I Need Your Love- The Last Times12) Freaky Girl- Spontaneous Combustion 13) Don't Look Now- Them 14) Walk On- Jimmy & The Strangers 15) Can You Picture Yourself- Tony Church & The Crusade
16) Which End Is Up- The Diamond Rings17) Save It For Me- The Cliches
18) Treat Me Right- The Panicks19) Hay Girl- The Chylds 20) Reincarnation-Operations
21) Why Can't You Be True- Me & The Guys
22) Please Stay- Johnny's Uncalled Four
23) I Need Time- The Runabouts 24) People Try My Mind- The Triumphs 25) 80-96- The Dantes 26) It's Been A Long Time- The Tempters
27) Prevailing Darkness- The Endless

Total Time- 72:34



27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio! 


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