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Psychedelic States


Illinois In The 60's Volume 1

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1) Tastee Freeze- Poother, Unltd.2) She's Mine- The Children Of Darkness3) Make Love, Not War- Nervous System 4) Beginning At The End- Chicago Loop
5) Someday Baby- The Untamed 6) Things Will Change- The Todds
7) Psychedelic Movement- The Ravelles
8) There Was A Time- The Trolls 9) Sunshine Becomes You- Suburban 9 To 5 10) We Call Him A Man- The Wet Paint
11) Come See The Way- Guy Kraines Trio 12) Hung Up On You- The Hollow Steps 13) Fly My Paper Airplane- The Mourning Dayze
14) Could Be In Love: Dalek: The Blackstones
15) The Time Of My Life- Shades Of Blue
16) Subterranean Sunset- The Raindear Army 17) Love- The One-Eyed-Jacks 18) Dreams- Sound Carnival 19) Monkies- The Wild
20) Our Town- The M.H. Royals 21) I.F.O.C.- The Orphuns 22) Think About It- The Dan-Dees
23) Bringin' Me Down- The Intruders 24) Tomorrow-Tomorrow- Squires 25) One Sided Love- The Tills
26) Let Us Be- Jerry Mundo & The Hounds
27) Don't Waste My Time- The Daughters Of Eve

Total Time- 65:12



27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Illinois!!




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