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Big Boy Pete



The Margeston Demos

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1) Nothingness Minus The Fun  2) Baby, Get Some Of That  3) Silhouette  4) Cell Soliloquy  5) My Love Is Like A Spaceship  6) Little Men  7) Penthouse  8) If Flowers Please Your Hair  9) Invalid Of Love  10) Funny World  11) Henry Nut (Pt 2)  12) Sitting In The Sun  13) The Painter  14) Boogalo  15) Watch Your Step  16) Charactor Actors  17) Flowers Cry Too  18) Love Is Proud  19) For Love Of Thee  20) Who In The Heck Do You Think You Are?  21) It's Over  22) The Sound Of Automation  23) L.S.D.

Total Time- 68:07



23 never-before-released tracks recorded from 1966-1968 in his English studio. Big Boy Pete: the perennial enigma. Check out the lava lamp!!




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