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Sleepy John



Sleepy John

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CD:$13.50; LP: $25.00 (Guerssen) 180 gram vinyl

Track List:

1) River
2) Al Capa Strong
3) Nothing
4) Dragons
5) Prelude To A Dream
6) Seasons
7) Losing My Plow
8) Hard Workin' Woman
9) I Just Happen To Be (In Love With You)
10) Monday Blues
11) You Say
12) Trying To Fly
13) Blue Sky
14) Cowboy
15) Searching For The World

Total Time- 72:39



The Washington State psych band's total recorded output of music between 1969-1970. Heavy swirling organ coupled with fuzzed out guitars!! Off the master tapes. Over 70 minutes in all. These guys played with the likes of Stone Garden and The Bards!!




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