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The Hustlers



The Hustlers

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1) Bossa Nova Outer Space +2) I Donít Know (Leavitt)3) Trying To Forget Her 4) We Were In Love 5) Vivid In My Mind 6) If You Try (Alternate version) 7) Eight Miles High 8) We Were In Love 9) ĎCause I Know 10) Vivid In My Mind 11) If You Try (Alternate version)12) If You Try 13) My Mindís Made Up 14) Destination Nowhere 15) Nickís Drum Solo 16) Sounds Of Life ++17) I Know ++

+ Performed by The Quiet Four

++ Performed by The Dard


Total Time- 45:21



One of Southern Florida's most prolific bands and featured on two volumes of our Florida Psychedelic States series. Beginning in 1964 and covering all their recorded material through 1968when they evolved into the Dards.




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