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1) Fat Boogie Mama
2) You To Me
3) Let Me Tell You
4) Skin and Bones
5) Arrow
6) Travlin' BLues
7) Old Age
8) C'mon if you Comin'
9) I'm Walkin'+
10) Bar Room Wiggy+
+ Bonus Tracks
Total Time- 46:44

Another great undiscovered band from Wisconsin. This hard hitting Rock anbd Roll and Blues band played with Tayles, Yancy Derringer, SOUP, and Tongue and toured the mid-west from 1969-1976 to crowds of thousands. Their Loggins & Messina/Allman Brothers sound comes out loud and clear on their 1974 self-titled LP. Off the master tapes, this release also features bonus tracks not on the original LP.



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