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Psychedelic Cities


Louisville In The 60's, Volume 1

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Track List:    1) British Invasion- Doug Cook   2) Earth & Sea- The Oxfords   3) I Want You Baby- The Rugby's   4) Silly Girl- JB & The Young Wheels   5) Just Be You- Illusions   6) Mr. Fantasy- The Keyes   7) Babylon- Conception   8) Rats In My Room- Blues   9) I Wasn't Going To Tell Anybody- Magnificent 7   10) Blackbird- Company Front   11) Let The Music Play- Brother's Pride   12) Open Up- Roc   13) Whole Earth Band- Decades   14) Real- Copperfield   15) Neckin' Don't Make It- Blues


 Total Time: 41:06








From the vaults of Allen-Martin Studios: rare and never before released songs from some of Louisvlle's best bands!!


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